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Oat based banana Icecream

I can't have dairy or soy, so bought an icecream maker to make my own icecream. This was my first experiment.

2 Tb rum (optional)
1tsp vanilla essence
1/5 cup oat milk (or other "milk")
3 mashed bananas (1.5 cups)
4 egg yolks
75g brown sugar

Whisk sugar and yolks in a bowl.
Boil rum and essense until almost dry (to remove alcohol) Add oat milk.
Bring gently to the boil and whisk into egg yolk mixture. Put back on a low heat and stir for a bit (I found it didn't thicken to custard consistency but maybe I was just impatient)

At this point I just mixed in the banana, which cooked and thickened. It might be better to cool the custard then mix the banana in with an electric beater, that way it wouldn't cook and would be less lumpy.

Cool custard. Use in iceceam maker.

A bit plain but otherwise very nice. Based on this (vegan) recipe which added coffee, that would probably work. Personally next time I think I'll add ginger and spices. Maybe some nuts. Would probably be just as nice if not nicer with coconut or almond milk but oat milk was what I had in the house :) (Also I can't eat coconut)
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