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Some links to posts of mine

Hello! I just found this community, and since I have an odd collection of intolerances thought I'd share the recipes I've found on the off chance anyone with the same issues comes along.

I have my full list here, lots of random stuff from soy and dairy to paprika and watercress. I was off gluten for a few months which was SUCH A PAIN, you gluten-free guys have my respect for sticking with it :)

Anyway, the *-free food tag at my lj has all the stuff I've found, since my issues have changed over the last few years the restrictions on the food vary. There's more at the the recipes tag but that's more recipes I like which happen to match my intolerances.

I also just posted Orange-oat crepes, custard, and licorice icecream, a successful attempt to find something to do with the oat-milk based licorice icecream I bought. Not gluten free, though the custard could be very easily.
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